Freedom of speech and association for judges and prosecutors

ValenciaApril 2008

The President of the General Council of the Spanish Judicial Authority(CGPJ) requested that a disciplinary investigation be opened against the signatories of the Manifesto for a Rational Debate about Criminal Policy.
Medel took the initiative of a statement and sent a letter to the president of the CGPJ, to defend the principles of freedom of speech for judges and prosecutors.

See Medel's statement.

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Justice, a Force of Democracy

Cour de cassation RomeMEDEL has celebrated its 20th anniversary in Rome on May 20th, 2005 with a colloquium organized by the High Council of the Italian Judiciary on the topic:
Justice, a Force of Democracy.

Contributions :

Medel yesterday, today and tomorrow (Ch. Strecker)


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Criminal law and Constitutional Freedoms

Criminal Law and Constitutional FreedomsBordeaux,  October 2nd, 2004

Against a Security Culture, colloquium organized at the National School of Magistracy  by MEDEL in cooperation with “Avocats Européens pour la Démocratie” (European Lawyers for Democracy - AED)

The Program of the colloquium


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