Press statement on the position of the HSYK in the ENCJ

ENCJThe ENCJ reiterates its unreserved condemnation of the recent attempted coup in Turkey. The loss of life incurred in this attack on a democratically elected government is inexcusable. Those responsible should be made accountable through an open, fair and impartial judicial process conforming with international standards.

The ENCJ has expressed its concern, both before and after the attempted coup, that the approach of the High Council for Judges and Prosecutors to the transfer, suspension, removal and prosecution of judges has not been consistent with the principles of judicial independence. The ENCJ has received persuasive information that these procedures have taken place without respecting the principles referred to above.

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SSM letter to the Turkish Judicial Academy

Scuola Superiore della Magistratura (Photo: Miss Seda Arslan, the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura (hereinafter SSM) has received the invitation sent by the Turkish Judicial Academy for the participation in the "workshop program of Comparative Law Studies on Judicial Training" planned for the second half of November in Turkey.

The SSM board of Directors, in its meeting held on 6 September 2016, has unanimously decided to reject the invitation.

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Joint Declaration of MEDEL/SMMP/MPD from Sao Paulo - Brasil

MEDEL SMMP MPDAccording to most recent information on Turkish judiciary, 2.847 judges and prosecutors were dismissed following a decision of the Turkish High Council for judges and prosecutor (HSYK) on 24.8.2016.

Such decision appears to have been adopted:

- Without hearings of judges and prosecutors subject to the procedure;
- Without right of defence;
- Without individual assessment;

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Letter to the High Judicial Council of Turkey by the Platform for an Independent Judiciary in Turkey

Letter to the High Judicial Council of Turkey by the Platform for an Independent Judiciary in TurkeyLetter sent today to the High Judicial Council of Turkey by the Platform for an Independent Judiciary in Turkey:

Honorable President, The international associations of  judges, united in this platform, have learnt that the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) is currently dealing with the removal and dismissal of 3500 judges and prosecutors who are suspended and under criminal investigation. A majority of this group is presently detained.

Regarding this difficult, highly sensitive and far-reaching act, the below mentioned  international associations, strongly appeal to the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors that these decisions on the dismissal/removal ofjudges should be in line with international and European standards.

In the light of the fact that irremovability of  judges is an essential element of judicial  independence, these standards provide only for very limited and specific exceptions from this principle to be applied only within the framework of due procedure.

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Resolution of the American Bar Association, Judicial Division, No. 10B, on the situation of judiciary in Turkey

American Bar AssociationAmerican Bar Association,
Massachusetts Bar Association
Report to The House of Delegates
Adopted as Revised


RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association, which supports the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession and opposes any Nation’s state’s detention of individuals without charge or access to counsel, calls upon the Government of the Republic of Turkey to:

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Interview given by the vice-president of MEDEL Thomas Guddat: Deutsche Richtervereinigungen - Solidarität mit türkischen Richtern

Ein junger Mann schaut auf ein auf eine Fahne aufgedrucktes Porträt des türk Präsidenten ErdoganViele der entlassenen und verhafteten Richter und Staatsanwälte sind bei ihren deutschen Kollegen bekannt: Kaum vorstellbar, dass sie alle der Gülen-Bewegung angehören.

Der Deutsche Richterbund, die größte Vereinigung von Richtern und Staatsanwälten hierzulande, hat einen Brief an die Bundeskanzlerin geschrieben: Viele der entlassenen und verhafteten Kollegen seien bei deutschen Richtern bekannt. Es stünde außer Zweifel, dass gerade die Mitglieder der türkischen Richtervereinigung mit dem Namen „Yarsav“  integer seien und sich für den Rechtsstaat engagieren. Yarsav und ihren Mitgliedern Sympathien für die Putschisten oder die Gülen-Bewegung vorzuwerfen, sei nicht nachzuvollziehen.

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