Portuguese judges statement

PortugalA Associação Sindical dos Juízes Portugueses (ASJP) segue com profunda preocupação e indignação os acontecimentos em curso na Turquia que dão conta do afastamento de cerca de 2750 juízes e magistrados do Ministério Público das suas funções e a prisão de alguns deles.

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Open letter of the Belgian associations of magistrates to the Belgian government

BelgiumBetreft: situatie in Turkije – Schorsing en arrestatie van magistraten. Geachte heer Eerste Minister, Geachte heer Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Geachte heer Minister van Justitie, Excellenties, Onmiddellijke na de poging tot staatsgreep in Turkije, kregen wij verontrustend nieuws van onze Turkse collega-magistraten, waaronder leden van de beroepsvereniging YARSAV.

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Letter of the Syndicat de la Magistrature (France) to the French president

Syndicat de la MagistratureMonsieur le Président de la République, Dans l’immédiate suite de la tentative de coup d’Etat intervenue en Turquie, des nouvelles saisissantes nous sont parvenues de nos collègues magistrats turcs, notamment membres de l’organisation professionnelle YARSAV.

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Coup d’etat in Turkey has only just begun

Cover page of today's newspaper Politika with the article on Turkish coupIn the past 21 months in Turkey, nearly 9.000 magistrates (out of around 15.000) who dared to protect basic rights and freedoms and to adjudicate in accordance to the law and their own conscience, even in the politically sensitive cases, thus including those affecting the family or the Turkish president himself, have been transferred in the areas thousands of kilometres away from their permanent residences. Many of the magistrates had been separated from their children and spouses, who remained employed in the cities they lived together until that moment. For many, it was the second or third reallocation in two years.

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Open letter of the Bulgarian judges

The Bulgarian Judges AssociationThe Bulgarian Judges Association is following with particular concern and worry what is happening to our colleagues in Turkey. Within the framework of the international cooperation between judicial organizations, we were informed that the 2745 Turkish judges and prosecutors that were removed from office yesterday are now expecting to be held in custody.

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MEDEL calls for immediate release of judges and prosecutors detained in Turkey and stands beside colleagues associated in YARSAV

MEDELMEDEL was informed that today thousands of judges and prosecutors in Turkey were arrested and dismissed.

While MEDEL has not sufficient elements to comment on the attempt of coup d'etat occurred in Turkey, it is hard to understand how and why judges and prosecutors performing daily their judicial duties can be involved in such facts and face detention for their freedom of judgment and opinion.

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