Statement of the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria

Supreme Judicial Council of BulgariaВисшият съдебен съвет на Република България изразява своята загриженост за спазване правата на над 2 700 турски съдии и прокурори, които по публични данни са били отстранени от работа, освободени от длъжност или арестувани непосредствено след неуспешния опит за преврат в Република Турция.

Като организация, членуваща в Европейската мрежа на съдебните съвети, споделяме изразения призив както от ЕМСС, така и от други международни съдийски организации, че търсенето на отговорност от лицата, които стоят зад опита за преврат в Република Турция, не трябва да нарушава върховенството на закона и принципите, гарантиращи независимостта на съдиите и прокурорите и правото на справедлив процес спрямо тях.

Statement of the Bureau of the CCPE

CCPEThe Bureau of the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) has closely followed the dramatic events that occurred in Turkey recently.

A democratically elected authority cannot be reversed by a military coup.  It has been reported, however, that following these events, hundreds of prosecutors were immediately imprisoned. This massive purge of prosecutors is far from the expected democratic attitude of a member state of the Council of Europe.

Proceedings against individuals, including prosecutors, who are suspected of involvement in the attempted coup, must comply strictly with the rule of law, always be respectful of individual fundamental rights in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights and strictly accord with all relevant legal procedures affecting them.

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Declaration of the Movimento do Ministério Público Democrático - Brasil

Movimento do Ministério Público DemocráticoThe Movement of the Ministery Public Democratic (MPD), national entity without corporate character and economic purposes, composed of public prosecutors from all over Brazil come express their deepest concern and astonishment at the incident that occurred in Turkey, apparently which violate democratic principles and independence more than 2,700 members of the Public Ministry and the Judiciary in that country.

News that thousands of judges and public prosecutors were authoritatively and without due process suspended from their duties and many of them illegally arrested a few hours after serious events that took place there with the notable loss of many human lives.

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Letter to NATO urging to demand Turkey to release the imprisoned judges and prosecutors

MEDELDear Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg,

We are writing you on behalf of multiple organizations of judges and prosecutors from across Europe urging you to demand Turkey to respect the NATO treaty and agreements, and to free the judges and prosecutors who were arrested without due process and in violation of the basic rule of law principles.
The Turkish Ambassador to Romania, Osman Koray Ertaş, revealed in an interview that the fault of these magistrates, who were deposed from the bench in the middle of the night and detained, is that they allegedly shared a belief that is not accepted by the government.

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Statement of the French Conseil Supérieur de la Magistrature

Le  Conseil  supérieur  de  la  magistrature  français Le Conseil supérieur de la magistrature français exprime sa vive inquiétude sur la situation en Turquie et le respect de l’État de droit, notamment à l’égard des magistrats.

Le nombre de magistrats suspendus, voire incarcérés, au cours des derniers jours, en dehors de toute procédure conforme aux standards européens et internationaux est particulièrement alarmant.

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Appeal signed by 500 Italian academics, lawyers, judges and prosecutors

ItalySulla persecuzione di avvocati, docenti e magistrati in Turchia - Un documento di giuristi alle istituzioni europee ed italiane

Dopo i giornalisti, i docenti universitari e gli avvocati, il governo turco umilia ed imprigiona prima i magistrati, poi i funzionari pubblici e i poliziotti, con l’effetto di annichilire la coscienza critica del Paese.

Liste di proscrizione - evidentemente già pronte da tempo - vengono usate per rimozioni ed arresti di massa, nel disprezzo delle regole minime dello stato di diritto, della dignità delle persone e dei diritti fondamentali al cui rispetto la Turchia e' obbligata in forza della sua appartenenza al Consiglio d'Europa, della Convenzione Europea per la salvaguardia dei diritti dell'uomo, di cui quel Paese fu tra i primi firmatari, e della sua stessa Costituzione.

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