The European magistrates call for the release of thousands of judges and prosecutors arbitrarily detained by Turkish government

MEDELAfter the Turkish government purged and arrested thousands of judges and prosecutors, MEDEL (European Magistrates for Democracy and Liberty) urged on July 18, 2016, all the European institutions "to condemn in the strongest terms the brutal attack of the Turkish authorities to the independence of the judiciary in the country".

The European magistrates also called “for the immediate release of the thousands of judges and prosecutors who were arbitrarily deposed from the bench and arrested without the respect of any basic principles of Rule of law”.

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Statement of the Consultative Council of European Judges

Council of EuropeThe Bureau of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE) has recently, by its comments of 5 July 2016 on certain aspects of the legislation in Turkey, strongly recommended that the Turkish authorities improve the legislation and domestic system in order to safeguard the independence of the judiciary in a transparent manner. During the last days, the CCJE has received several notifications reporting that a large number of judges in Turkey have been removed from their offices, and that some even have been detained without any procedure previous to such decisions. The Bureau of the CCJE reiterates that irremovability of judges is an essential element of judicial independence. European and international standards provide only for very limited and specific exceptions from this principle to be applied only within the framework of due procedure.

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Resolution of the Italian Superior Council of Magistrature

Consiglio Superiore della MagistraturaIl Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, con riferimento ai drammatici avvenimenti dei giorni scorsi in Turchia:

 - esprime  sgomento per gli annunci sulle numerose perdite di vite umane;

 - manifesta preoccupazione e sdegno per le notizie relative alla destituzione e all'arresto di oltre 2.700 magistrati sulla base del sospetto di collegamenti con gli ispiratori  del tentato “colpo di Stato”;

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Articles published in Portuguese media

PortugalThe Real Coup

The Turkish Government, with the excuse of reacting to a coup attempt, has been since the early hours of Saturday giving what it believes is the final stroke on the independence of the judiciary in Turkey.

Europe has been witnessing silently and bowed by the weakness of its leaders to a progressive concentration of absolute power around Erdogan. Episodes like the decisions on Gezi Park or the recent law that suspended more than 700 judges of the Supreme Court and the Council of State were only the antechamber of the attempt of total control of the judiciary that is ongoing since last Saturday.

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Ver.di fordert die türkische Regierung zur Einhaltung von Demokratie und Menschenrechten auf und protestiert gegen die massenhaften Entlassungen und Inhaftierungen von Richtern und Staatsanwälten

Ver.diDie Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) fordert die türkische Regierung auf, die Unabhängigkeit der Justiz sowie die Menschenrechte in der Türkei zu achten und erwartet von der Bundesregierung sowie der Europäischen Union, sich mit aller Deutlichkeit für die Wiederherstellung der Rechtsstaatlichkeit in der Türkei einzusetzen.

„Wir begrüßen, dass der Putschversuch keinen Erfolg hatte. Doch die türkische Regierung nutzt diesen Putschversuch nun offensichtlich dazu, fundamentale rechtsstaatliche Prinzipien außer Kraft zu setzen.

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