Situation in Turkey

Joint letter to the ambassador of Turkey in Spain written by the Union Progresista de Fiscales and Jueces para la Democracia

Joint letter to the ambassador of Turkey in Spain written by the Union Progresista de Fiscales and Jueces para la DemocraciaCon posterioridad al intento de golpe de estado ocurrido en su país, hemos recibido noticias sobrecogedoras de nuestros colegas jueces/zas y fiscales, incluidos los miembros de la asociación profesional YARSAV.

De esta forma, tras los recientes sucesos, el Consejo Superior de Jueces y Fiscales ha suspendido de sus funciones a 2.745 jueces/zas y fiscales. Hemos sido informados de que al menos doscientos de esos jueces/zas y fiscales, así como un juez del Tribunal Constitucional, han sido objeto de detención y encarcelamiento. En estos momentos no tenemos noticias de algunos de los compañeros de YARSAV, y de otros, han sido sus cónyuges y familiares quienes nos han informado sobre su detención.

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The European magistrates call for the release of thousands of judges and prosecutors arbitrarily detained by Turkish government

MEDELAfter the Turkish government purged and arrested thousands of judges and prosecutors, MEDEL (European Magistrates for Democracy and Liberty) urged on July 18, 2016, all the European institutions "to condemn in the strongest terms the brutal attack of the Turkish authorities to the independence of the judiciary in the country".

The European magistrates also called “for the immediate release of the thousands of judges and prosecutors who were arbitrarily deposed from the bench and arrested without the respect of any basic principles of Rule of law”.

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Statement of the Consultative Council of European Judges

Council of EuropeThe Bureau of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE) has recently, by its comments of 5 July 2016 on certain aspects of the legislation in Turkey, strongly recommended that the Turkish authorities improve the legislation and domestic system in order to safeguard the independence of the judiciary in a transparent manner. During the last days, the CCJE has received several notifications reporting that a large number of judges in Turkey have been removed from their offices, and that some even have been detained without any procedure previous to such decisions. The Bureau of the CCJE reiterates that irremovability of judges is an essential element of judicial independence. European and international standards provide only for very limited and specific exceptions from this principle to be applied only within the framework of due procedure.

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Resolution of the Italian Superior Council of Magistrature

Consiglio Superiore della MagistraturaIl Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, con riferimento ai drammatici avvenimenti dei giorni scorsi in Turchia:

 - esprime  sgomento per gli annunci sulle numerose perdite di vite umane;

 - manifesta preoccupazione e sdegno per le notizie relative alla destituzione e all'arresto di oltre 2.700 magistrati sulla base del sospetto di collegamenti con gli ispiratori  del tentato “colpo di Stato”;

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Articles published in Portuguese media

PortugalThe Real Coup

The Turkish Government, with the excuse of reacting to a coup attempt, has been since the early hours of Saturday giving what it believes is the final stroke on the independence of the judiciary in Turkey.

Europe has been witnessing silently and bowed by the weakness of its leaders to a progressive concentration of absolute power around Erdogan. Episodes like the decisions on Gezi Park or the recent law that suspended more than 700 judges of the Supreme Court and the Council of State were only the antechamber of the attempt of total control of the judiciary that is ongoing since last Saturday.

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Ver.di fordert die türkische Regierung zur Einhaltung von Demokratie und Menschenrechten auf und protestiert gegen die massenhaften Entlassungen und Inhaftierungen von Richtern und Staatsanwälten

Ver.diDie Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) fordert die türkische Regierung auf, die Unabhängigkeit der Justiz sowie die Menschenrechte in der Türkei zu achten und erwartet von der Bundesregierung sowie der Europäischen Union, sich mit aller Deutlichkeit für die Wiederherstellung der Rechtsstaatlichkeit in der Türkei einzusetzen.

„Wir begrüßen, dass der Putschversuch keinen Erfolg hatte. Doch die türkische Regierung nutzt diesen Putschversuch nun offensichtlich dazu, fundamentale rechtsstaatliche Prinzipien außer Kraft zu setzen.

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UN human rights chief urges Turkey to uphold rule of law in response to attempted coup

High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein addresses the 31st regular session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. UN Photo/Jean-Marc FerréUN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemns mass suspension and removal of judges in Turkey. The United Nations human rights chief today called  on Turkish authorities to respond to the attempted military coup on   Friday by reinforcing the protection of human rights and strengthening   democratic institutions and checks and balances.

“The Turkish people bravely took to the streets to defend their country against those who sought to undermine its democracy. I urge the Government of Turkey to respond by upholding the rule of law, by strengthening the protection of human rights and by reinforcing democratic institutions,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein in a news release issued by his Office (OHCHR).

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Joint declaration of Portuguese and Spanish judges associations

Declaração conjunta Declaração conjunta as Associações de Juizes de Espanha e Portugal acompanham, com extrema preocupação, a situação que vivem atualmente os juízes turcos.

Considerando a gravidade da situação, com detenções de dezenas de juízes e a suspensão sumária e arbitrária de cerca de três mil dos seus membros, considerando a manifesta violação de valores essenciais ao Estado de Direito, o claro desrespeito de princípios democráticos como o da independência do poder judiciário e o da separação de poderes, considerando ainda a degradação extrema das condições mínimas de dignidade e segurança dos membros do judiciário nesse país, Las Asociaciones:

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The International Association of Prosecutors follows with the greatest concern the recent development in Turkey

IAPIn response to the reported suspension of more than 2.700 Turkish judges and prosecutors following the attempted coup d'état on the evening of July 15, 2016, the IAP issues the following statement:

The IAP is the only worldwide association of prosecutors, prosecuting authorities and associations. The IAP covers six continents and 173 jurisdictions. It is a non- governmental, non-political organization and is committed to connect prosecutors globally, to raise the standards of professional conduct and ethics for prosecutors worldwide, and to promote the rule of law, fairness, impartiality and respect for human rights.

The IAP condemns the violent attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government. Our thoughts go to the many people who lost they lives and to their families and friends. The responsible persons should be held accountable through fair proceedings in accordance with the rule of law.

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MEDEL calls on the European institutions to demand Turkey to release the arrested judges and prosecutors

MEDELMEDEL urges all the European institutions to condemn in the strongest terms the brutal attack of the Turkish authorities to the independence of the judiciary in the country. MEDEL calls for the immediate release of the thousands of judges and prosecutors who were arbitrarily deposed from the bench and arrested without the respect of any basic principle of Rule of law, just few hours after the attempt of coup d’Etat in this country was declared to be suppressed.

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SMMP’s communiqué: The arrest of Turkish judges and prosecutors: blaming the innocent

SMMP1.    We have followed the last moments of freedom of the Turkish colleagues (judges and public prosecutors, members of YARSAV) who, in wake of the failed military coup in Turkey – whose circumstances are still unclear – knew they could be arrested any minute as they were aware that their names were on the ‘list’ of perpetrators. A list, which includes journalists, members of civil society, jurists and politicians upsetting corruption. Does anyone remember similar purges in Europe, in 1933?

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Magistratura Democratica statement on situation in Turkey

Magistratura DemocraticaMagistratura Democratica expresses its concern over the news coming from Turkey in the aftermath of the attempted military coup. The announcement about the large number of civilians who died in clashes came with the news that the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors, chaired by the Minister of Justice, dismissed 2,745 judges on suspicion of being linked to the religious Fethullah Gülen, believed to be the instigator of the coup.

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Portuguese judges statement

PortugalA Associação Sindical dos Juízes Portugueses (ASJP) segue com profunda preocupação e indignação os acontecimentos em curso na Turquia que dão conta do afastamento de cerca de 2750 juízes e magistrados do Ministério Público das suas funções e a prisão de alguns deles.

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Open letter of the Belgian associations of magistrates to the Belgian government

BelgiumBetreft: situatie in Turkije – Schorsing en arrestatie van magistraten. Geachte heer Eerste Minister, Geachte heer Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Geachte heer Minister van Justitie, Excellenties, Onmiddellijke na de poging tot staatsgreep in Turkije, kregen wij verontrustend nieuws van onze Turkse collega-magistraten, waaronder leden van de beroepsvereniging YARSAV.

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Letter of the Syndicat de la Magistrature (France) to the French president

Syndicat de la MagistratureMonsieur le Président de la République, Dans l’immédiate suite de la tentative de coup d’Etat intervenue en Turquie, des nouvelles saisissantes nous sont parvenues de nos collègues magistrats turcs, notamment membres de l’organisation professionnelle YARSAV.

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Coup d’etat in Turkey has only just begun

Cover page of today's newspaper Politika with the article on Turkish coupIn the past 21 months in Turkey, nearly 9.000 magistrates (out of around 15.000) who dared to protect basic rights and freedoms and to adjudicate in accordance to the law and their own conscience, even in the politically sensitive cases, thus including those affecting the family or the Turkish president himself, have been transferred in the areas thousands of kilometres away from their permanent residences. Many of the magistrates had been separated from their children and spouses, who remained employed in the cities they lived together until that moment. For many, it was the second or third reallocation in two years.

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Actions taken by the Spanish associations of Judges and Prosecutors about the situation in Turkey

El presidente Rajoy y el Tribunal Constitucional de Turquía; dos de sus miembros, Erdal Tercan, en la foto pequeña de la izquierda, y Alparsian Altan, han sido detenidos.Jueces para la Democracia insta a Rajoy a intervenir ante Erdogan para que ponga fin a la purga contra jueces y fiscales. El Secretariado de la asociación progresista Jueces para la Democracia (JpD) ha dirigido una carta al presidente del Gobierno en funciones, Mariano Rajoy, con el fin de instarle a que intervenga ante las autoridades turcas -en especial ante Recep Tayyip Erdogan, presidente de ese país, quien tiene la última palabra- y las autoridades europeas para que se “ponga fin” a la detención de, al menos, 200 jueces y fiscales y la suspensión de sus funciones a 2.745, respetando “escrupulosamente la independencia judicial, la separación de poderes y el Estado de Derecho”.

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Open letter of the Bulgarian judges

The Bulgarian Judges AssociationThe Bulgarian Judges Association is following with particular concern and worry what is happening to our colleagues in Turkey. Within the framework of the international cooperation between judicial organizations, we were informed that the 2745 Turkish judges and prosecutors that were removed from office yesterday are now expecting to be held in custody.

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MEDEL calls for immediate release of judges and prosecutors detained in Turkey and stands beside colleagues associated in YARSAV

MEDELMEDEL was informed that today thousands of judges and prosecutors in Turkey were arrested and dismissed.

While MEDEL has not sufficient elements to comment on the attempt of coup d'etat occurred in Turkey, it is hard to understand how and why judges and prosecutors performing daily their judicial duties can be involved in such facts and face detention for their freedom of judgment and opinion.

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