Once again MEDEL marks the 23rd of May as the Alert Day for the Independence of Justice, remembering that the independence of the Judiciary is the cornerstone of any free and democratic society.

Another year has passed and the challenges to the Rule of Law have increased in number and intensity.

A terrible war has started in Europe and images we all thought had been forever relegated to history books are back in front of everyone’s eyes – innocent civilians suffering the horrors of war and flagrant violations of international and humanitarian law. MEDEL calls for the urgent and immediate removal of all obstacles to the existence of a true international criminal justice, capable of thoroughly investigating and bringing to justice those responsible for such atrocities.

Interview of Monika Frąckowiak to "Le Soir"Monika Frackowiak, membre du bureau de MEDEL, à "Le Soir":
« A l’automne, Ursula von der Leyen avait fixé trois conditions à la Pologne, dont celle de réintégrer les juges destitués. A ce moment-là, il y en avait trois, aujourd’hui, il y en a sept. »
« Tous les projets de loi sur la table ne vont faire qu’aggraver la situation. »

5 minutes pour parler d'Europe / 5 minuts to talk about EuropeAn interview with Filipe Marques, President of MEDEL / Une interview avec Filipe Marques, Président de MEDEL.


Quelle place pour l’avocat au cœur du droit européen ? Comment les outils du droit de l’Union européenne protègent-ils les justiciables ? C’est autour de ces questions et de bien d’autres que se sont réunis la Délégation des Barreaux de France et ses partenaires le 10 février dernier à la Maison du barreau, à Paris, à l’occasion de la Présidence française du Conseil de l’Union européenne. L’occasion pour nous de rencontrer des acteurs incontournables de l’écosystème juridique et judiciaire européen. Dans cet épisode Filipe Marques, Président de l’association des magistrats européens pour la démocratie et les libertés (MEDEL).

The documentary "Judges Under Pressure" won the Bronze Goal at Millenium FestThe documentary "Judges Under Pressure" won the Bronze Goal - Best Film for Human Rights, at @MilleniumFest! 

Congratulations to the director, producers and all our brave colleagues from Iustitia and Themis! 

Monika Frąckowiak, represented MEDEL at the ceremony. 

Anniversary of Association of European Administrative JudgesMEDEL is honoured to have taken part in the celebration of the anniversary of AEAJ, in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

Filipe Marques participated in the meeting of the working group "Independence & Efficiency", talking about the situation of disciplinary proceedings against judges in Poland, and held a speech at the anniversary ceremony.

Shaping the future of the European judiciaryMEDEL is on May 5-7 participating at the judges@europe forum, organised by #EJTN at @SiracusaInst, contributing to the important debate on how to protect #RuleOfLaw.

Filipe Marques, president of MEDEL, will address the forum on what can/must judges do to uphold the Rule of Law.

Conference "Judiciary Integrity - Strengthening Transparency and Trust in Justice"MEDEL is today represented at the European Association of Judges' conference "Judiciary Integrity - Strengthening Transparency and Trust in Justice", organised by our Portuguese member ASJP, in Porto, Portugal.


Don't miss live from 4pm (CET) the streaming of the hearing of the Permanent People's Tribunal on the Murder of Journalists.
Mariarosaria Guglielmi, Vice-President of MEDEL, is one of the judges.

Conference "Rule of law vs rule by law"

"Rule of Law vs Rule by Law", conference in Cluj - You may find here the speeches given by Mariarosaria Guglielmi (Vice-President of MEDEL) and António Cluny (former President of MEDEL) at the conference held in Cluj, on 18 March 2022.


For many years, judges and prosecutors have been unduly detained in Turkey, under the alleged pretext of being members of - or supported - armed terrorist organisations. The Turkish judiciary has been persistently disappointing their hope of a fair trial, which is unsurprising due to the fact that the Turkish judiciary is fully dependent on the Turkish President.

Many of our Turkish colleagues have long been expecting their liberation from this nightmare, or at least to get an affirmation from the highest European human rights guardian about the truth of what happened and how the violation of arbitrary detention took place.

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