MEDELOn June 15th 1985, European magistrates and associations of magistrates convened in Strasbourg to constitute MEDEL.

Among their goals was "the establishment of a common debate among magistrates from different countries", "the defense of the independence of the judiciary in the face of every other power as well as of specific interests", "the democratization of the judiciary", "the respect, in all circumstances, of the legal values specific to the democratic state based on the rule of law" and "the proclamation and the defense of the rights of minorities and of differences, and in particular the rights of immigrants and the most deprived, in a perspective of social emancipation of the weakest".

Giovanni Falcone, Source: Wikipedia

Every 23rd of May, MEDEL honours the memory of Giovanni Falcone, the Italian judge assassinated by the mafia on this day, in 1992, having declared this date as the Alert Day for the Independence of Justice

This year, we honour the memory of the brave judges and prosecutors (and their families) from Turkey who also gave their lives after being unfairly imprisoned.

MEDELMEDEL issued a statement today on Advocate General Tanchev's opinions in cases C-487/19 and C-508/19 and the termination of Adam Bodnar's mandate as Polish Ombudsman, decided by the politically captured Polish Constitutional Court.

MEDEL welcomes the opinions delivered on 15 April 2021 by CJEU’s Advocate General Evgeni Tanchev in cases C-487/19 and C-508/19 – requests for preliminary ruling from the Polish Supreme Court.

In both opinions, Advocate General underlined that the right to a tribunal established by law, affirmed by the second subparagraph of Article 19(1) TEU in the light of Article 47 of the Charter, must be interpreted in the sense that a court does not meet the requirements to constitute such a tribunal established by law in a situation where the judge concerned was appointed to that position in flagrant breach of the laws of the Member State.


MEDEL issued a statement today on the situation in Romania. 

MEDEL a publié aujourd'hui un déclaration sur la situation en Roumanie.

MEDEL learned with great concern about the statements and opinions expressed by high-ranked officials of the Romanian Government and of the governing political parties regarding a decision of a last instance court concerning the case known as “the 10th of August”. Statements that vehemently refuse to accept a definitive court decision and command the Minister of Justice to find solutions to re-discuss a case already decided in court are inacceptable in a democracy that prides itself in upholding the rule of law.

Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ), Judges for Judges, Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL)

The European Court of Human Rights has once again rejected the third party intervention that MEDEL, AEJ and AEAJ had presented on the cases Murat Ulusoy vs. Turkey and 168 others (application 73062/16), Samil Sevinc vs. Turkey and 252 others (application 63634/16) and Ibrahim Tufan Ataman vs. Turkey and 53 others (application 14676/17), all regarding our Turkish colleagues that have been expelled.
The associations that form the Platform for an Independent Judiciary in Turkey issued on that regard a statement you may find HERE.
The only way we understand this rejection is that the Court is already fully informed about the situation in Turkey and will soon decide in favour of our colleagues.


MEDEL fully endorses the nomination of its member Iustitia for the Peace Nobel Prize!
Quoting Secretary-General of the UN Antonio Guterres, at the 2020 Peace Bell Ceremony on the anniversary of the International Day of Peace, "We have solid evidence that human rights, respect for the rule of law, access to justice and opportunities for all are the building blocks for peaceful communities and societies”.



MEDEL issued today a statement, condemning the decision of the Polish Minister of Justice (acting as Prosecutor General) to transfer independent prosecutors hundreds of kilometres away from the places they live. You can read the statement below:

For the last 5 years, MEDEL has repeatedly expressed its concern, disbelief and indignation about the process of devastation of Rule of Law in Poland. The constitutional check and balance guarantors, such as the Constitutional Court and the National Judicial Council have been disabled.


Our member association Lex Super Omnia, from Poland, issued a statement on the unlawful secondment of some of its members, ordered by the Polish authorities as a way of harassing the brave and independent prosecutors that keep fighting for the Rule of Law in Poland. You can read the statement below:

The Board of the "Lex Super Omnia" Prosecutors’ Association with great surprise and indignation received decisions of National Prosecutor of 15 January 2021, where it seconded selected prosecutors – members of "Lex Super Omnia" Prosecutors' Association to remote, lowest rank posts, in many cases located hundreds of kilometers away from their place of residence and current work. A relocation which involves additional budgetary costs for prosecutors.

online event  "The judiciary: possible ways of development. March of a Thousand Gown a year later"To mark the anniversary of the "March of the 1000 Robes" that took place in Warsaw on 11 January 2020, the Polish judges associations Iustitia and "Themis" will organise on

18 January 2021, from 7pm to 9pm (CET)

the online event

"The judiciary: possible ways of development. March of a Thousand Gown a year later"

MEDEL CAMEDEL is holding today its online Council of Administration, debating Rule of Law and the independence of the Judiciary.

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